Water Care for Swimming Pools

The maintenance of a pool is a very important aspect to keep the pool water clean and free from any skin reaction to the user. There are many options like automatic pool covers, chlorine, algaecide treatment in maintaining the pool water so it is important that the pool is managed in the correct way so there are no problems and you can have a good time and make use of the pool.

Pump: Water in the pool is circulated with the help of pump by sending water through the filters which remove dirt and debris from the water. Thus the pump should be run every day for circulating the water and any failure in the pump should be corrected immediately. This is a very important and should be kept in mind as it will help you to keep the water good.

Filters: The filter helps in removing the dirt and debris from the pool’s water. Thus filters should be cleaned quarterly using filter cleaners. When done right your water can last much longer.

Pool Cover

PH check:Improper PH can cause skin irritation and lot of discomfort to the user, so to avoid such condition, right PH should be maintained and should be checked at least 2 times a week or more.

Check for calcium content: Calcium level should also be maintained as low levels of calcium can affect vinyl based pools and high level of calcium leads to the deposits on components and equipments.

Chlorination: The pool water needs to be chlorinated at regular periods in order to avoid the growth of bacteria and algae. Chlorine is available in the form of granules, tablets or liquid. This will keep the pool water free from any unwanted growth and will always remain clean.

Shocking method: Shocking is also known as super chlorination with a high dosage of chlorine. This is done to replenish the free chlorine in the water to oxidize the organic matters released into the pool. Non-chlorine shock can also be used using potassium monopersulphate. This should be repeated as required.

Algaecide treatment: To avoid the green look of the pool water, algaecide is used. It is a chemical, which kills algae and the pool water should be treated after giving the shock treatment.

Automatic Pool Covers: Nowadays, they are used more and more because of its numerous benefits. Among all, one benefit is that, it helps to keep the pool water clean by preventing dirt, debris and leaves from the surrounding plants into the pool. It helps in improving the quality of water by giving reducing the requirement of chemical treatment. Thus pool covers reduce the cost of maintenance in many ways and it also provides protection to vinyl pool linkers from UV radiation.

Thus continuous monitoring of equipments and required treatment should be done in order to maintain the swimming pool’s beauty.

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